ID2Office Plugin Updated for InDesign File Conversion to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Keynote

While Adobe InDesign is ubiquitous in office environments for creating a wide range of corporate publications, it's often necessary to move data out of InDesign so that it can be used in presentations, reports or other internal documents. The task can be an ugly one, so you'd think a dedicated tool to speed the process and maintain as much formatting as possible would find a ready audience. Despite that, Recosoft states that ID2Office is unique in its capability to export InDesign data to Word, PowerPoint Keynote formats.

Such a conversion wouldn't have much value if formatting wasn't preserved. Recosoft claims that ID2Office converts the text, associated fonts and styles, paragraph structure, corresponding property information, frames linking information, tables, graphics and other InDesign object and document properties to the matching export format object and file properties, thereby converting every page into an equivalent page in the resulting file. Options are provided for fine-tuning such aspects of the conversion as image type, image resolution, frames linking and paragraph spacing. Also of note is the ability to export to Apple Keynote format (in the Professional version); the ability to convert InDesign nested tables to nested tables in Word, and also represent them as separate table objects in PowerPoint and Keynote; and support for Microsoft Word 2010-2013 format.

Version 2.2 supports the new InDesign 2017 file format and has been augmented to convert style sheet properties defined in InDesign tables into Microsoft Word style sheet properties, while paragraph rules are converted to Word paragraph borders. In addition, it's said conversion fidelity has been improved in several ways when exporting InDesign files to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote formats. All that is great, although it also indicates how little is new in InDesign CC 2017. This lack of innovation has reached the point where Adobe seems to want us to reconsider QuarkXPress as an InDesign alternative. Sure, why not?

ID2Office Standard for Mac and Windows InDesign CS6-CC 2017 can be purchased on the Recosoft site for an annual subscription of $199, with the Mac-only Professional edition priced at $249. Trial versions are available for download.