When Tiny Objects Meet PANTONE Chips

By Chris Dickman
Founding Editor, Graphics.com

There comes a time in every designer's life when the realization dawns that something in the real world is a striking match for a PANTONE color. Perhaps it's a yellow that looks like the lemon you just sliced. Or a slate blue that seems like a dead ringer for the ocean when the sun hits it a certain way. We featured the work of Minneapolis-based designer David Schwen earlier this year, who came up with the idea of creating a series of images depicting classic food combinations in the form of PANTONE chips.

Texas-based designer Inka Mathew's Tiny PMS Match project takes a different approach, with each entry starting from a small everyday object, mostly organic, which she then matches with the closest color in her PANTONE PLUS SERIES SOLID CHIPS set. With just a touch of commentrary on the choice of each object and an understated approach to color, the result is a Zen-like experience that artfully weaves a connection between the arbirary, fixed domain of color systems and the infinite color possibilities of the real world. We've picked a selection of favorities, with the entire collection available on the Tiny PMS Match site.

All images copyright Inka Mathew.