VueScan Updated for Flatbed and Film Scanning

VueScan, a replacement for the software provided by scanner manufacturers, has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its launch in 1998. It now supports more than 2,500 flatbed and film scanners, as well as 321 digital camera raw file types, which can be a life-saver for those with older scanners lacking current drivers. But beyond keeping old devices alive, VueScan also attempts to provide enhanced ease of use and functionality, no matter what the vintage. For example, it automatically adjusts images for optimum color fidelity and balance, an operation typically necessary post-scan in an image editing application such as Photoshop.

VueScan is also designed to accurately crop and white-balance scans, so the amount of manual adjustment needed is minimal — especially important when batch scanning large numbers of images. VueScan supports more than 100 brands of negative film and provides options for scanning faded slides and prints. It exports to PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats and can recognize text using OCR to create multi-page PDFs using both flatbed scanners and those with automatic document feeders.

Also available is a mobile app for iOS and (thank you) Android, which can be used with a WiFi-enabled scanner from HP, Canon, Epson, Brother or Samsung. A free version provides basic functionality, with the $5 commercial version adding the fancy stuff.

Version 9.4.42 has added support for additional scanners, improved OS X WiFi scanner support, and fixed a few glitches.

VueScan Standard Edition costs $29.95, with a Professional Edition priced at $69.95. Both can be purchased on the Hamrick Software site. A trial version is available for download. The VueScan Bible, from Rocky Nook, is also worth a look.