Topaz Glow Enhanced for Creating Glow Effects

I money was no object we'd all shell out $499 to snag the Topaz Collection of seventeen Photoshop plugins (which also run as standalone applications) covering everything from sharpening, removing noise and minimizing JPEG artifacts, through masking and on to black-and-white and lens effects. That not being the case, the good news is that these can also be purchased individually.

Topaz Glow allows users to quickly add glow effects to their images by choosing from a library of 120, which can be used as is or extensively modified and saved. Version 2 is a robust upgrade but is nevertheless free for those using earlier versions, something you don't see that often. One of the most significant additions is built-in masking, thereby eliminating the necessity to use Photoshop's masking capabilities. This makes it possible to add effects via spot, color, luminosity and brush by changing such parameters as custom brush sizes, opacity and hue levels. Also noteworthy is the provision of 22 new blend modes (for a total of 28) and a precision opacity slider. There's also unlimited undo and redo; support for very large images (up to 20,000px wide); 50 new effects; and support for the Topaz Community, which allows users to share custom effects.

Topaz Glow 2 is supplied as a standalone application and works with Mac and Windows Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom. It can be purchased for $48.99 until September 3, 2016 (regular $69.99). More information and a trial version is available on the Topaz Labs site.