Suitcase Fusion Extends Font Management to iOS Devices

Extensis' Suitcase Fusion font management solution for Windows and OS X has been around for many years, with version 7 having been released earlier this year. Suitcase Fusion includes a broad range of font management functionality, with one of its most significant provisions being auto-activation plugins that automatically turn fonts on and off within Creative Cloud applications and QuarkXPress. This spring also saw the release of a new product, Suitcase TeamSync. This employs Fusion as the front end, with fonts stored using Amazon cloud technology. The idea is that users can send a one-click invitation for others to join a workgroup, without the need for server-based solutions, such as Extensis' own Universal Type Server.

Extensis has now announced a new element of the Fusion ecosystem, a mobile app that lets designers using Fusion or TeamSync to activate and employ fonts from their personal collections on iPad or iPhone devices. Extending font collections from the desktop to mobile devices makes perfect sense, so iOS users can easily use their fonts within everything from mobile design apps to presentations. It's just a shame that Android users haven't been invited to the party.