Suitcase Fusion Enhanced for Adobe Creative Cloud Font Management

Noteworthy in Suitcase Fusion is the provision of a central font repository, typeface-level activation and font identification technology. The Font Vault, for example, is a managed repository that integrates with the Suitcase Fusion database and is said to be particularly useful for managing multiple versions of fonts with the same name. It employs the Extensis Font Sense technology to provide true font identification and consistent duplicate font management. Font Sense is available via Suitcase Fusion plugins and provides font identification within documents created by QuarkXPress and Adobe apps. Also included is Font Doctor, to detect and repair corrupt fonts, and Attaché, which connects font collections with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

The Suitcase Fusion auto-activation plugins automatically turn fonts on and off within Adobe applications and QuarkXPress. Auto-activation operates in the background and provides users with the ability to work in their chosen applications while automatically activating the fonts required via the Font Sense font matching feature. While the plugins work with Creative Cloud applications, Creative Suite 6 users remain supported. Suitcase Fusion makes it possible to experiment with headline and body copy combinations more quickly via QuickComp. This allows designers to preview fonts side-by-side in print or web templates, or by using simple comparison sheets, with the ability to save samples as PDF font proofs.

Those designing for the web will also be happy to hear that the in-app font panel makes it possible to access more than 6500 web fonts, via the Google Web Font libraries. QuickMatch is employed to build a full database of the unique metrics for fonts, and allows designers to search for similar fonts in their collections or from those in the Google Web Fonts libraries. It's also possible for Creative Cloud users to display Typekit desktop fonts through their own font library, as well as tag keywords and favorites for addition to it. Extensis Font Panels are added to the Creative Cloud applications that include the Typekit desktop font library, including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy. Apparently this allows users to view WYSIWYG previews of their Typekit desktop fonts and apply them to text layers in documents.

Version 6 introduced support for font archive and restore, using Dropbox and Google Drive to backup font collections and transfer them between multiple workspaces. Now version 7 goes further via Extensis' own TypeSync secure cloud-based font repository, which enables designers to synchronize their font collection on any machine. Since a second installation of Suitcase Fusion is included, this feature can become useful very quickly. Also new is what is said to be the first font plugin for After Effects, bringing font auto-activation to Adobe's popular motion graphics application. Finally, Smart Searches can now search and display results across multiple font libraries.

Suitcase TeamSync

Extensis also announced the launch of a new product, Suitcase TeamSync. According to Clint Daeuble, Product Owner of Font Services at Extensis, "Teams often run into issues when using different versions of the same font. Text reflows, missing fonts and even missing glyphs can derail a project, creating setbacks designers simply don’t have time for." TeamSync employs Fusion as the front end, with fonts stored using Amazon cloud technology. Users can send a one-click invitation for others to join a workgroup, without the need for server-based solutions, such as Extensis' own Universal Type Server. TeamSync is provided as a subscription service, priced at $8 per month per user. More information and a 30-day trial is available on the Extensis site.

Suitcase Fusion 7 can be purchased for $119.95 on the Extensis site. A trial version is also available for download. And worth mentioning is a related free guide, Best Practices for Managing Fonts, available in Windows and Mac editions.