SUBSTANCE Photorealistic 3D Organic Art Generator Now Free

When it comes to the creation of imagery, we're all familiar with applications in the usual bitmap, vector or 3D categories. But it's easy to overlook applications, typically the work of small developers, that provide a completely different perspective on the process of creating imagery. One such developer is Stephane Marty, who has been active in the area of 3D renderers. He launched SUBSTANCE in 2011 via the NeuroSystems site, powered by the Procedural Organic Modeling Engine and the Physically-based Unbiased Rendering Engine technologies he had been working on. The application was certainly an ambitious one but apparently failed to succeed in the marketplace and has now been made available for free download.

SUBSTANCE allows users to visualize, edit and shape's unique imagery in a 3D, real-time environment that employs an evolutionary algorithm to generate a continually evolving stream of shapes. Imagery is based on complex organic, fractal or ephemeral structures, with random genetic mutations occurring during the subsequent object creation. One or more parent virtual sculptures are mutated and/or crossbred to produce a number of "children," which are then selected again. These results are then used to produce the next "generation." An included photorealistic rendering system ensures that the final structures have a convincing realism. Work can be saved as a high-definition image file, as 3D meshes or as an animated sequence. There is also augmented reality functionality, which can composite a source image and the photorealistic rendering created in SUBSTANCE via a virtual camera.

SUBSTANCE for Windows 1.1 can be downloaded on the NeuroSystems site, with donations going to support further development. It's worth noting that SUBSTANCE requires a relatively powerful graphics card.