Stand In Released for Realtime App Prototype Design in Adobe Photoshop

When Adobe released its Generator technology last September, it wasn't clear what practical applications the ability to extract image assets from Photoshop would lead to. The release of Stand In is welcome in that it taps Generator to solve a problem expressed by the developers: "We built Stand In because we were frustrated with the current set of mobile design tools available,” said Asa Miller, cofounder and CEO, Stand In. “With Stand In, we wanted to create a solution that fit seamlessly into a designer's workflow and was tailored specifically for mobile design—not web."

In that they would seem to have succeeded, with the initial release providing some fresh workflow possibilities for Photoshop users engaged in creating mobile prototypes. These prototypes can contain such functionality as buttons, scrolling and screen transitions. Designers can create working mobile prototypes and share them with teammates and clients, with the ability to receive feedback. It's then possible to continue refining the design, with changes updated automatically to user devices. The service employs encryption to ensure that shared work remains private.

Stand In is available for $25 per month, with a 14 day free trial provided. An Android version is under development. More information is available on the Stand In site.