Social Media 201 Interactive Online Event Set for June

Mediabistro began by offering its Social Media 101 Interactive Online Workshop. Designed for beginners as "an interactive online boot camp," the course shows participants how to get set up on each platform, how to create meaningful content and how to engage with their audiences across various sites. The full scope of features that the major social media sites have to offer is covered, with specifics on such skills as techniques for time management and when to distribute content across various sites, as well as discussion of new tools and mobile apps.

They followed that up with the appropriately-named Social Media 201, which poses the question, "Now that you're set up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, how are you going to reach your audience and market to them effectively?" As with 101, this boot camp is spread over a lengthy period, in this case four weeks. During this time participants will begin by listening to pre-recorded presentations by social media power users, providing insights, case studies and real-world examples of methods that have proven successful.

Weekly homework assignments, coupled with one-on-one feedback provided by advisors within a small group setting that allows for the answering of questions, as well as sharing challenges and successes with other attendees, builds on the material in the sessions. Example session topics include Optimizing Your Website to Build Your Brand Online; Twitter for Social Media Marketing; Facebook Marketing; Tools and Tips for Managing All of Your Social Media; and Harnessing the Power of Image Driven Platforms.

More information and registration for the event, which runs from June 8 through 29, 2015, is available on the Social Media 201 site.