The Sixth Posterheroes Poster Contest

The UNESCO-backed Posterheroes project is the work of non-profit association PLUG, which works to involve the creative community in expressing issues with potentially a strong social impact. Posterheroes, now in its sixth year, is an expression of this, with past poster contests being devoted to such themes as the future of energy production, conservation of the world's resources, urbanization and sustainable food production.

This year the theme is Rights in Love, which deals with the topical issue of the right to be a couple, without any restrictions of gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion. Open to individuals and groups worldwide, entries to the contest must consist of 50×70cm designs exploring the themes of the brief. A jury will select the 40 best proposals, with the winners published in the initiative's contest catalog and will become part of traveling shows organized by Posterheroes/Plug, as well as being featured on the contest site. There is no charge for entry.

The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2016, with more information, as well as galleries of previous winners, available on the Posterheroes site. A sampling of winners from the previous competition, devoted to the food chain, is shown below. It attracted 871 posters submitted by designers from 56 countries.

Marijke Timmerman

Marta Olczak

Fabian Emmanuel Munoz Rodriguez

Rachel Pleesz

Riccardo Baggio

Keith Gorman

Fabio Esposito

Valentina Staltari

Natalia Ibarcena

Eddie Cheang