Shutterstock and FontShop Ship Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

Adobe no longer reveals the number of its Creative Cloud subscribers but in its most recent earnings report the firm indicated that its Digital Media business, which includes Creative Cloud and Document Cloud customers, brought in the tidy sum of $3.41 billion in annualized recurring revenue, a net increase of $285 million. The last we heard there were more than four million Creative Cloud subscribers, which adds up to a lot of potential consumers of its Adobe Stock royalty-free content and its TypeKit font collection.

So its no surprise that Adobe provides integration between these two services and its Creative Cloud applications. In the case of Adobe Stock the integration comes in the form of CC libraries, which allow users of a wide range of apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, to drag a watermarked stock image from the Libraries panel directly into a project. Some apps go further, notably Photoshop, within which you can license watermarked previews from the Layers panel, Properties panel or directly from within the canvas. Even handier is that you can make changes to the watermarked image and when you eventually purchase it all changes will be applied to it directly within the document. Pretty sweet.

The Shutterstock Plugin

So what do you do if you're a competing stock content provider, beyond simply watching all this from the sidelines? That's right, develop your own integration. Which is exactly what Shutterstock has done with the release this week of a Mac and Windows plugin that works with Photoshop CC 2014 and 2015. As with Adobe Stock, Shutterstock members can freely find and edit watermarked images in Photoshop, with edits automatically applied to them when they're purchased. Users can also view lightboxes, as well as previously previewed and purchased images, in addition to "instant inspiration from Shutterstock's curated collections." This approach to working with images makes perfect sense, which raises the question of why such functionality wasn't provided earlier. Hopefully the plugin will be extended to work with additional CC applications.

The FontShop Plugin

Adobe's Typekit service syncs its collection of 2,450 fonts for use in such applications as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign but that's the extent of the integration. Now FontShop has released a Mac and Windows plugin for exactly those CC 2014 and 2015 applications that provides a range of type options. Most significant is the ability to preview fonts from the FontShop collection of 150,000 within a design and then later license them from the extension, which connects with the appropriate purchase page. You can download the plugin from the Adobe Add-ons directory, although it should be noted that early adopters seem to be having some installation issues.