PhotoSweeper Updated for Mac Duplicate Photo Management

Utilities often provide capabilities that fall in the gap between the operating system and applications. To be successful they need to identify what's missing and provide a simple, fast way to resolve such pain points. This would seem to be the case with PhotoSweeper, which is dedicated to finding and managing similar and identical images on Mac systems.

Once consigned to high-end cameras, burst mode, in which multiple photos are captured in rapid succession, is now commonplace on a wide range of phones. This approach to photography is particularly appropriate when shooting subjects that are in motion, with the hope that one of the sequence of frames will be a winner. But a downside of this is that phones and cameras soon become cluttered with multiple undesirable images. Beyond this, multiple versions of a shot just seem to spread like a fungus, absorbing all available storage space. How to get control of this and winnow out the chaff?

Mac users can turn to PhotoSweeper, which works with iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom libraries as well as photos from hard drives. Getting started is straightforward, with users simply dragging and dropping folders to allow the utility to locate images or adding images managed by third-party programs via the Media window. The utility provides six different ways to find similar or duplicate photos, regardless of image size or format. Results can then be reviewed in Face-to-Face or Groups mode, with the ability to put photos into a virtual container, as well as bulk rename photos while copying or moving. Included is a photo browser with such features as fast thumbnail loading; quick look preview; drag and drop support; and the display of such parameters as paths, ratings and labels. The Image Info provides more detailed information, including histogram and image metadata. Also worthy of note is support for Adobe's DNG image format; locking photos for comparison but not removal; and the ability to search for images from within the app browser using up to 30 criteria.

New in version 2 is an interface optimized for Yosemite; user-friendly comparison settings to find duplicates, similar photos and series of shots; a View Results mode that makes it possible to compare and mark photos with just a click; auto-lock of folders and rules; integration with Finder and Dock; and claimed performance improvements.

PhotoSweeper for OS X is priced at $9.99, with more information and a trial version available on the Overmacs Team site.