PDF Checkpoint Updated for PDF Preflighting

While Adobe's PDF format has become the preferred one for creating commercial printed output, that's not to say that many things can't go wrong between a layout created in QuarkXPress or InDesign, the resulting PDF file provided to the printer, and the final output. It's generally considered a good idea to preflight the native document file, for example. And then to make sure that the generated PDF file is also free of errors before handing it off for printing.

Able to process hundreds of files as well as single PDF documents, Zevrix describes PDF Checkpoint as "a fast and affordable workflow solution for situations where high-end tools would be overkill." PDF Checkpoint is designed to automate and simplify the PDF workflows of graphic designers, ad agencies, prepress houses and printers, by checking the fonts, colors, images and metadata of multiple PDF files and letting users identify potential problems according to user-defined preflight profiles. Customizable preflight profiles are said to allow users to check PDFs for specific attributes, such as image resolution, color model and PDF/X compliance.

The utility allows users to route PDF files according to preflight results, split PDFs into single pages and extract images. Users can also export PDF pages into TIFF, JPEG and other formats as RGB, CMYK or Grayscale images, with control over image resolution and scale. It's also possible to convert colors of PDF files to a selected ICC profile. Users can thus convert RGB files to a CMYK profile for professional printing, turn color documents into grayscale or convert all colors to sRGB for web viewing.

New in version 1.7.9 is the recognition of color profiles in ColorSync folders, as well as in subfolders of all designated ICC profile locations. PDF Checkpoint employs ICC profiles to convert colors of PDF elements automatically. For example, it can convert multiple PDF files from RGB to CMYK, with the option to convert only text, images or vector graphics.

PDF Checkpoint for Mac can be purchased on the Zevrix Solutions site for $39.95 and is bundled with Graphic Inspector ($39.95 separately). A trial version is also available for download.