PatterNodes Enhanced for Mac Pattern Creation

Developer lost minds is best known for its Vectoraster bitmap to vector conversion utility. Graphics applications employing a node-based approach are increasingly popular, such as Blank Ink, Dynamic Auto Painter or Filter Forge. PatterNodes is similar to these node-based apps in that it's designed to allow users to create graphical patterns, gradients or illustrations based on repetitions, beginning with defining a series of linked steps.

Sliders make it possible to change such aspects of the pattern as color, spacing, scaling, rotation or repetition count. As users make changes, these are displayed in a preview area. Seamless patterns can be created with the use of provided, configurable shapes, as well as imported bitmap or vector images. Included are nondestructive randomization functions to scale, rotate, move or adjust the color of the individual elements of a pattern. Once completed, seamless patterns can be pasted into other applications or exported to JPEG, PNG, TIFF or vector EPS and PDF formats.

An Apply Image node lets users apply color or transformations to elements based on an image, while a Clipping Mask node makes it possible to apply clipping paths to pattern elements. Also interesting is the ability of users to work with multi-line text objects and apply effects to individual characters; multi-layer radial repetitions; and array splitting, merging and replacement nodes.

Version 1.7 makes it possible to defining an animation and how a specific value within it should vary. Such animations can then be exported as numbered JPG or PNG files, animated GIFs or QuickTime MOV files.

PatterNodes for Mac can be purchased for $26 on the lost minds site. It's also currently on sale for $13 on the MacUpdate site. A free trial is available for download.