Pantone Releases New Version of the VIEW Colour Planner

It was the Marquis de Sade who famously pointed out that, "Those who define are the masters." An observation embodied by Pantone, which speaks of itself as "the global authority on color." When you're THE global authority on color (in part from having no competitors), you find yourself with the luxury of being able to create self-fulfilling prophesies. Pantone, for example, makes much of its Colour of the Year pronouncement (Radiant Orchid 18-3224 for 2014, in case you were wondering) and then helps to make it stick via a range of related products and initiatives. It's a bit as if astrologers could actually ensure that their clients indeed met tall handsome strangers or went on long ocean voyages.

The latest iteration in this vein is the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 edition of the PANTONE® VIEW Colour Planner. Yes, that's right, 2015/2016, because it's never too early to plan your color strategy. We're told that this "multi-discipline color forecast, titled Discovery, highlights the key color palettes for women’s wear, menswear, active wear, cosmetics and lifestyle, as well as industrial and graphic design." In our era of global capitalism, it would thus seem that there's no longer any need to worry about the pesky color likes and dislikes of the planet's diverse cultures and traditions — one Color of the Year fits all, as does the Colour Planner, which provides palettes based on the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System. You may have noticed that Pantone blissfuly uses both "color" and "colour" when referring to its products. So much for consistency.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, states that “Today as we begin to feel more confident about our economic future and can see what our friends are wearing around the globe, consumers and businesses alike are yearning to engage in a dialogue with color not only during the warmer spring and summer time period but also during the misty and colder autumn and winter season.” Really? Are you feeling more confident abou the "economic future"? If so, good for you.

Wondering what's in the palettes? Here you go, in Pantone's words:


Impression is a story about subtle, atmospheric color. A sophisticated range of misted and understated shades give an impression, a feeling of color.


Speaking to quiet modesty, Intermingle is comprised of rich caramel beiges that decline to greige and tannic browns. A wonderful array of nature’s hues colors in Intermingle are simplified through dimming, reducing their volume.


Displaying a modern energy, Curiosity highlights a contemporary collection of colors, that jump about and move up and down the scale – dark, bright, loud or soft.


Colors in Empathy are warm, optimistic, peaceful and harmonious, but at the same time, pushing the boundaries of new ideas and combinations.


Connect joins bright splashes of painterly hues – unsophisticated and literal – together in bold graphic and color-block stories. The message is instant, basic and fun.


Physical is an independent story that breaks out easily into sensual, warm sensations or cools easily to an elegant neutral pace. Green dominates this story and is partnered with a crescendo of warm contrasts spotlighting on strong saffron yellow and turmeric gold.


Iconic colors are rooted in history – strong, rich and should be used boldly. Dark shades and eye-catching highlights alternate to create statements.


The understated dark complexity of Subliminal talks in a quiet murmur, putting goose bumps on your skin and instantly changing your mood

Within each of the season’s color palettes, an introduction outlines the colors included and the philosophy behind them. In addition, a breakdown of each palette highlights harmonies, suggested color combinations and suitable patterns, fabrics and products according to end use. At the end of each palette section, a printed version of each PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color is featured in perforated swatch form and 1” x 4” detachable cotton strips. The PANTONE VIEW Colour Planner Fall/Winter 2015/2016 also comes with a DVD containing static images of photos used to illustrate the seasonal themes, along with a movie version that has music to set the unique mood of each individual palette, and a poster-sized overview of the season. Quite something.

The PANTONE VIEW Colour Planner Fall/Winter 2015/2016 can be purchased on the Pantone site for $750.