Lazy Nezumi Pro Smooths Brushstrokes in Adobe Photoshop

Over the years here at we've seen a lot of plugins and addons but this would seem to be something fresh. First, what's up with the name? Developer Guillaume Stordeur is apparently referencing LazyMouse for ZBrush and goes beyond that in its ability to bind itself to a growing number of Windows drawing applications to modify the mouse/pen cursor position and enable such things as cursor movement smoothing, lagged drawing and random noise.

In defining who this is for, Stordeur poses a number of questions: "Does your hand shake when you draw? Are you forced to make fast strokes to avoid seeing any jitters? Are you tired of having to press really hard to use the full pressure range of your tablet? Are you tired of uneven pressure in your strokes? Are you tired of your software leaving ugly artifacts at the ends of your lines? Are you tired of having to switch software in the middle of your workflow because your main art program doesn't support input smoothing?" I don't know about you but we'd have to say yes to a bunch of those.

Enter Lazy Nezumi Pro, which works with a growing list of Windows applications and comes with a plugin for Photoshop CS through CC. So just how can it enhance the drawing experience? First of all, it can work with a mouse or tablets that use the Wintab API, which includes tablets from Wacom, Trust, Monoprice, Genius, Yiynova and UC-Logic. First of all, it allows you to finely tune your pen tablet's softness feel without going into its settings panel. But the main benefit is real-time smoothing: yes, this can introduce some lag but you can control whether or not the stroke should catch up to your pen when you stop moving it. Handy is the ability to create different hotkey-enabled presets for whatever the workflow requirement. An included Photoshop plugin simplifies initialization and makes it possible to define which tools the plugin should work with.

Lazy Nezumi Pro can be purchased for $9.99 (Student), $14.99 (Hobbyist) and $19.99 (Professional). A trial version is also available for download.