GraphicConverter Enhanced for Mac Image Editing and Conversion

How many graphic file formats would you say there are? Ten, 50, perhaps 100? Not even close, since GraphicConverter can open more than 200 of them and export to about 80, either singly or in batch mode: Photoshop 2, Acorn Sprite, Calamus, Diskus YUV, GrayPaint, you name it. Reason enough why this utility has a userbase of more than 1.5 million.

Beyond file conversion, GraphicConverter performs a mix of graphics operations, such as creating image catalogs, loading images directly from a camera and providing support for TWAIN-compatible scanners and Apple Image Capture. Direct support for Google+ and Flickr is also included. GraphicConverter can be used as a graphical file and picture browser, offers slide show functions and supports AppleScript.

It also provides a significant number of picture editing capabilities, such as automated brightness and contrast adjustment; optimization of images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats for internet usage; batch conversion; 16-bit per channel support for importing and exporting png; non-destructive image editing and undo in the browser; a range of tools for manual image editing; and dozens of effect filters. The program provides support for XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) face tags, which include information about people in a photo and the region in which their faces appear, typically added by applications such as Picasa.

A Cocooner editing mode allows users to make modifications to the image appearance while keeping the original image data unchanged. Users can thus adjust the brightness and contrast of an image, crop and rotate it, save it, and then revert the image to its original state at any time in the future. A variety of brushes for sharpening, burning and dodging are provided. Also notable is an image verifier, which runs as a background task to verify images on network-attached storage (NAS) devices and a golden ratio display.

Then there's the really granular stuff, such as the ability to export keyword palette entries as text files; support for world map coordinate display; tritan color blindness simulation; the ability to split a JPX data stream into JP2s to convert and modify; saving embedded Photoshop paths in TIFF and JPEG format; Photoshop Pattern file import; batch SVG to PDF (vector) conversion: QR code creation; optional decoding of tar/gzip archives to the browser; the ability to convert gifs to a single gif animation; the marking of possible images in a HDR series; — well, you get the idea.

New in version 10 is the unexpected addition of face recognition capabilities, to allow users to locate photos of particular people. Also new is a Collage function, which provides a layout functions that can be applied to a set of selected photos. A Picture Package feature simplifies the prpcess of printing of printing multiple copies of an image on one sheet. It's also possible to now use grayscale pictures as custom brushes when painting with the Brush tool. Apple's new Live Photos format genberates a photo that includes a three-second movie showing the activity just before and after when the photo was taken. GraphicConverter 10 can now open Live Photos, with the movie portion intact. Users can then convert a Live Photo into an animated GIF, offering the ability to share the animation with others. Those are the high points but in the GraphicConverter tradition there is a long list of other tweaks and enhancements.

Graphic Converter for OS X is available in several langauges and can be downloaded from the Lemke Software site. It's free for use prior to registration. Until then the unregistered version takes slightly longer to load and the batch processing function is disabled. It's priced at $39.95 on the Lemkesoft site or $29.95 until June 30, 2016, on the Mac App Store.