FontDoctor Now Handles Mac Font Problems More Effectively

Those using Adobe or Quark applications on Mac systems don't have to be told that managing fonts is critical. Fonts in OS X are located in a variety of locations on the system, and fonts are activated by a very specific font hierarchy that can make it challenging for users to accurately verify when and if the correct fonts are in use. Hence the popularity of font management products such as Extensis Suitcase Fusion, which handles a wide range of activation and management tasks, such as organizing fonts and identifying duplicates. .

But beyond simply managing fonts, there are times when other tools are required. For example, if fonts seem garbled or other strange behavior is displayed, it might be time to purge the font cache files for OS X itself, or for those created by Adobe, Quark and Microsoft applications. This is where FontDoctor comes in, which is available as part of Extensis Suitcase Fusion or can be purchased separately from FontGear. The main role of FontDoctor is to validate fonts, fix any corrupt fonts that are fixable and provide warnings about problems that it is unable to fix. FontDoctor can also bring order to chaos by creating a library of manageable font files and folders organized by such criteria as font foundry name and family name. Included is a font comparison tool that lets users contrast the unique properties of separate font files side-by-side.

New in version 10 is constant font monitoring with automatic font problem detection; an AutoScan feature that scans fonts at regular intervals in the background; Font Quarantine for isolation and management of problem fonts; the ability to generate, manage and archive detailed font reports in the new Reports panel; and a full 64-bit processing architecture.

FontDoctor 10 for OS X can be purchased on the FontGear site for $69.99. A free trial is also available for download.