FontAgent Updated for Mac Font Management

FontAgent Pro provides a wide array of Mac font management capabilities, including a font integrity engine that diagnoses font problems before fonts can be used; auto-activation plugins for Adobe applications and QuarkXPress that find, match and activate fonts as users open documents; the printing of hardcopy and creation of PDF sample books for any group of fonts; the display of fonts in cascading point sizes; font archiving that automatically backs up font files; startup fonts and sets that activate fonts when the font manager starts up; and design tools. Strengths include multiple font libraries, a customizable user interface, live font search, WYSIWYG font viewing, and a Font Player that delivers interactive font selection. Using FontAgent Pro, administrators can also prohibit unauthorized modifications to font libraries and sets, define multiple startup sets to boost usability, and enable font activation without launching FontAgent Pro itself.

The application's user interface, which takes advantage of Apple retina displays, simplifies access to smart tools and complex font searches. It also includes a Glyph Player, which displays glyph sets for any font and plays through all available fonts with a click. Then there's Smasher 3, an automatic set-and-forget maintenance program for Macintosh creative applications. Its role is to clear font, print and application caches, as well as allow users to test, preview and examine their fonts and properties. 1,350 free print and web fonts from the Google fonts library have also been included.

A Workflow Center taps FontAgent Pro’s scripting capabilities to automate commonly used font management, application and system commands that streamline the creative workflow. This provides one-click scripts that perform such actions as adding searchable comments to multiple fonts or entire font families, organizing fonts by name or foundry, and counting and listing currently open fonts. Built on Insider's FontSavant technology, font activation includes Creative Cloud support for Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy and Photoshop to ensure FontAgent Pro always selects the correct font for design documents — not just a close match or one that has the same name. FontAgent Pro is said to provide full control over the auto-activation process by detecting subtle differences among fonts to deliver the most accurate font activation possible. Worthy of note is the ability to automatically manage system fonts and subscription fonts from services such as Adobe TypeKit and Monotype SkyFonts.

New in version 7 is what's said to be a simplified user interface providing access to such functions as activating, deactivating and finding fonts, as well as a range of font previews. Speaking of which, it's now possible to preview fonts employing user-defined text and colors via redesigned Player, Compare and Glyph views, which present font slide shows, waterfalls, paragraphs, comparisons, and glyph sets that let users drag character glyphs directly into their documents. A new Table view taps font metadata to allow users to sort fonts via traits, ratings, foundries, file formats and version numbers.

FontAgent 7 for Mac is available for purchase on the Insider Software site for $99. An optional addon is a $59 Sync subscription, which makes it possible to easily share fonts between devices or within a workgroup. There are several other editions of FontAgent available, something to check out. A trial version is also available for download.