Extensis Releases Suitcase Attaché Font Menu for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Extensis has long been known for its products geared to professionals, including Extensis Portfolio for digital asset management, Universal Type Server for server-based font management and Suitcase Fusion for single-user font management. But its latest product is designed for a quite a different user, one more familiar with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint than Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Is it really that onerous to select fonts within Word and PowerPoint? Current versions of the software require users to scroll through the menu of installed fonts, previewing selected text as you go. Attaché would seem to be an extension of this, rather than a radical reinvention of the font selection process. Advantages are said to include the choice of three preview sizes, live updating of new fonts and the ability to add font folders from anywhere on a computer or network.

Windows users typically install fonts to make them available to all their applications. But it's also possible to store them in another location, where applications that know how to use these other fonts can make them available. Suitcase Attaché adds this ability to the Word and PowerPoint components of Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 by activating individual fonts and making them available to the current application, just as if the font was installed system-wide. If Suitcase Fusion is installed, Attaché automatically detects the Suitcase Fusion library and auto-activates fonts from the collection. Suitcase Fusion users can browse their full collection directly from Suitcase Attaché.

Also interesting is the option to display and use the 1,200 fonts in the Google collection, considerably expanding the limited choices that many Office and PowerPoint users are faced with. Although the ability to use Lobster for slide headlines may not in fact be a good thing within a corporate environment.

Suitcase Attaché for Windows can be purchased for $19.95 on the Extensis site and is included with Suitcase Fusion 6. A trial version is available for download.