Extensis Portfolio Flow Updated for Digital Asset Management

The Server version of Extensis Portfolio, available in Studio, Professional and Enterprise editions, is designed to help marketing and creative workgroups efficiently view, organize, route, archive and distribute creative assets (a Standalone version is available for solo creatives and photographers). The idea is to manage a brand's creative assets across internal and external teams, partners and vendors, thereby eliminating the traditionally time-consuming and error-prone process of finding and tracking digital content. Users can deliver files for mobile devices or different platforms by converting them into the desired format without slowing down their personal workstation.

Portfolio Flow 1.5 for iPhone and Android is designed to bring assets created on mobile devices into Portfolio Server 11 with consistent, searchable metadata attached. It allows users to tag assets in the field and upload them directly to Portfolio Server, with the objective being to reduce assets without data. Features of the updated app include a streamlined user interface; the ability to select and tag more efficiently: the possibilty to capture and upload recordings; upload notification; and an upload history that allows users to see what they have already uploaded.

Portfolio Flow is a free download, with more information available on the Extensis site.