Effect Stack Released for Non-Destructive Mac Filter Application

Non-destructive editing was once a rarity, with only high-end applications making it possible to apply multiple edits to an mage that could be changed or undone at any time, while leaving the original image untouched. This and other once-exotic features, such as content aware fill, have now migrated down the value chain to the point where they now commonly shown up in applications costing less than the price of a movie.

A case in point is Effect Stack, a new Mac program that, as its name implies, allows users to stack filter effects. These can be simply dragged and dropped into a list, with the effects rippling down through the stack. Filters can be previewed and adjusted before being added to the current stack, with subsequent changes being reversible. Collections of effects can be saved as presets for later use. The application provides GPU-supported realtime rendering, a fullscreen mode and is Retina ready. Effect Stack works with all image formats supported by Mac OS, including RAW. Final images can be shared via message, email, Facebook or Twitter, or exported to disk.

Effect Stack for Mac 1 can be purchased on the Tagtaxa site for $9.99. Surprisingly for such an inexpensive program, a trial version is available for download.