DxO FilmPack Adobe Photoshop Plugin for Classic Film Look Creation Now Free

DxO FilmPack is a complementary product to the cross-platform DxO Optics Pro, which performs automatic digital image enhancement as a standalone program or as a Photoshop plugin. DxO Optics Pro approaches the problem of image quality by modeling true camera performance, with each supported camera and its lens studied in detail before the creation of thousands of controlled test images. A mathematical model of the camera’s performance is then produced which is used by the software to eliminate image imperfections, with the ability to quickly apply denoising, recover highlights, optimize contrast and exposure, and reveal image details.

A similar calibration process was used to develop DxO FilmPack, involving the analysis and modeling of the color and grain characteristics of each supported film. DxO FilmPack color renditions are based on the analysis and calibration of the surface sensitivity of each of the films, from which DxO Labs extracted the specific RGB curves. In addition, each type of grain was defined by extraction of a ‘grain matrix’ from the film, which can then be applied to digital images.

DxO FilmPack offers photographers a photographic film simulation solution to give digital images the rendering—in terms of colors, saturation, contrast and grain—of slide, color negative and black & white, as well as cross-processed, films. The simulations can be accessed with a single click or through advanced color and grain rendering controls. The Expert edition has further enhancements, such as creative renderings that are said to be based on a subtle combination of grain intensity, film style, vignetting and color filters, to generate vintage effects, color nuances, sepia variation and partial desaturations.

The current version of FilmPack is 4 but until October 31 you can download the Essential edition of version 3 at no charge, which is provided as a package that includes the Mac or Windows application and a Photoshop plugin, as well as support for Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture and DxO Optics Pro. The limited-time download page also provides a discount code for purchasing version 4.