Doco Extension Released for Adobe Photoshop Multiple Document Management

While Photoshop 2014 added some significant functionality, something it failed to address after 20 years was the dismal manner in which users are forced to deal with mutliple open documents. I mean, Adobe's approach is positively medieval, when you think about it. So all hail the new Doco Extension created by Max Penson, which adds some much-needed functionality to Photoshop CC's multiple document management.

At its most basic level the Extension provides a visual way to quickly browse through all your open documents and quickly switch between — gone are the days of blinding clicking on tabs with obscure names and hoping for the best. You xant to merge two documents? Just select one or more and drag to merge. The procedure for copying selected layers and adjustments between documents is just as simple, with the added abiity to drop the layers icon and create a new document. You can also paste the same content on multiple documents; rotate multiple documents; easily close multiple documents; and even match the image size of multiple documents to the size of the current document. After using Doco here at for several hours we can already say that we're hooked.

Doco for Mac and Windows can be purchased for the introductory price of $19 (regularly $29) on the Creative Do site.