DDESSINPARIS Exhibition Focuses on Drawings

Now in its fourth year, DDESSINPARIS (literally "drawing in Paris") anticipates 5,000 visitors for an exposition in which 20 galeries from around the globe will display works from 140 emerging artists that employ a wide variety of analog drawing techniques. Analog, you say? That's right, old school techniques that have survived for centuries and which see no threat from the Creative Cloud. Something to think about if you're a designer or illustrator.

The exhibit opens today at Atelier Richelieu and runs until just April 3, so you'll have to act fast if you're in the Paris area.

JEAN-MICHEL HANNECART | Rapporteur 1, 2015 | Craie, piments, huile sur papier | 46 x 38 cm | Courtesy Phantom Projects Contemporary

KORALIE | From Saigon to sapa, 2015 | Dessin imprimé en n&b en digraphie sur papier Canson 240 g, colorié | 70 x 100 cm | Courtesy de l’artiste et Ozenne & Prazowski Gallery

MAX NEUMANN | Le Collectif/fond L'ART EST VIVANT et les éditions ARTEFIZ, proposition de Denis Fizelier

Hervé | All Untitled 03, Série Mythologie personelle, 2016 | Technique mixte sur papier |50.8 x 35.5 cm | Courtesy de l’artiste et Galerie Céline Moine

ASHLEY OUBRÉ | Beautiful nude albino, 2015 | Poudre de graphite et encre de chine | 92 x 114 cm | Courtesy de l’artiste et Ozenne & Prazowski Gallery

SERGIO MOSCONA | Sacado de Escena, 2013 | Technique mixte sur papier | 80 x 120 cm | Courtesy de l’artiste et Galerie Claire Corcia

WILLIAM SAGNA | Feuille de voyage #7, 2010-2015 | 25,5 x 18 cm | Courtesy de l’artiste et SITO(R) curating differently