Dangerdust's Herm Inn Logo

What began as a guerilla effort to share inspiring quotes has since turned into a fulltime gig, with work for major brands, such as Nike and Target. Dangerdust has one one of the more novel origin stories, with the principals relating that, "We started this project at the beginning of our senior year in college. It all began because we wanted to share a quote that had inspired us, in the hope that it would inspire others. We sneaked into school that weekend to illustrate the quote on an abandoned chalkboard. After that one time we were hooked, and Dangerdust was created."

The medium was chalk and the result has been a steady flow of inventive and technically adept illustrations, which are worth checking out on Dangerdust's Behance profile. There's even a series of inspiring quotes from the famous, available as prints. But there's more to life than chalk, with a recent logo commission for Herm Inn employing traditional media, while still maintaining the shop's light, somewhat whimsical touch.