Color Magic Enhanced for Color Addition and Replacement

Modern image editing applications include tools for color replacement but there's something to be said for a fast, inexpensive program that's dedicated to performing such functions. One of the best known of these is AKVIS Coloriage, available both as a Photoshop plugin and standalone application. Coloriage is useful for such tasks as adding color to black and white photos; adding color to hand-drawn artwork, including manga drawings and comics; replacing colors on a color photo; trying out different color schemes for product or interior design; and selectively colorizing and desaturizing areas on a color photo.

Color Magic is available just as a program and covers much the same ground, albeit with a few unique twists. As with Coloriage, tools are available to draw directly on a photo to define areas for color changing, and color libraries for such things as skin color simplify the task of assigning realistic colors. But Color Magic also lets you open a second image and either pick up single colors from it or use its Gradient Pen tool to grab a range of colors that can then be applied to the new photo. Since the colors in photos are typically not solid, this can make a big difference.

The latest version makes it possible to use any drawing tool in both free drawing and line drawing modes. Also new is a color history and improvements to the Pen tool.

Regularly priced at $59, Color Magic 1.5.7 for Mac, Windows and Linux can be purchased on the Codijy site for 45% until the end of summer by using coupon code EOS45OFF. Trial versions are available for download.