Collectibles and Advertising Posters Auction on Auctionata

According to a recent Adweek article, "For the first time, social media has nudged museums aside as the primary venue by which American consumers discover works of art." This conclusion is based on a report from auction site Invaluable citing the results of its recent survey, which found that "Roughly 22 percent of U.S. consumers discover art through social media channels, more than those who discover art through museums (20.8%) and art galleries (15.9%)." Just as there's no replacement for live music, you can't beat being face to face with artwork. But for many that's either inconvenient or impossible, so the rise of the discovery and purchase of art online can only increase.

To that end has expanded its coverage of visual culture to include upcoming art auctions, beginning with a May 4, 2016, Collectibles and Advertising Posters sale held on Auctionata. The sale will appeal to fans of vintage money boxes and advertising ephemera, such as the wacky Bonzo Lighter and Ashtray, circa 1920, shown above — who wouldn't want that? But closer to home is the remarkable collection of movie and advertising posters, among them some true rarities. You'll find our favorites below, with the entire catalogue on the Auctionata site.

Advertising poster for "Cigarettes Sapphire", Stephano, ca 1925

Lithographed Advertising Sign, Gorilla with Toothpaste, c. 1910 | Lithographed tin, Italy, circa 1910

Movie poster “Donogoo Tonka” by Alfred Herrmann, Germany, 1936

Advertising poster for "Favor" by L. Matthey, France, circa 1930

Pilliet, Advertising Poster “Löwenbräu Keller“, Munich, c. 1910

Emil Pirchan, Original Advertising Poster for Ansbach, ca. 1900

Vintage Advertising Poster ‘Luxor Cigarettes‘, 1930s

Reinhard Hoffmüller, Poster, 5 O’Clock Tea Party, Berlin, 1920

Reinhard Hoffmüller, Poster Eulenspiegel Cabaret, Berlin, 1920