Chroma Introduced for Mac Color Palette Creation

Does the world really need another tool that creates color palettes from photographs? Softpress, the developer of the Mac site creation program Freeway and web-based photo gallery generator Exhibeo, would reply in the affirmative. Chroma begins in the usual way by analyzing an image you feed it, including RAW and PSD files, at which point it identifies the five most distinct colors. Nothing surprising there but then we're told that "Chroma uses an advanced algorithm to emulate the way the human eye perceives color and then creates a palette of natural-looking and complementary colors."

These colors are said to harmonize with each other as well as the original image, and can be copied into applications in 16 formats that includes CSS (Hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA), Swift, Objective-C, hex and the actual color. Full palettes, which contain more than 50 colors, can also be added to design tools, employed directly via the Apple Color Picker or shared with colleagues and clients.

Chroma for Mac can be purchased for $10, with more information and a trial version available on the Softpress site.