Call for Entries: Poster for Tomorrow 2016 Competition

4tomorrow is an independent, non-profit organization based in Paris, with one of its projects being the annual Poster for Tomorrow competition, an international effort to promote active citizenship through the medium of design. The idea is to encourage people, both those in and outside the design community, to create posters to stimulate debate in local and international communities on issues that affect us all. Last year's competition was based on the theme of the right to healthcare, with the jury's favorite 10 shown below.

This year the theme is Make Extremism History, with the organizers stating in part that, "Today’s extremists include the 62 people in the world who have as much money as half the world’s population, the industrialists influencing the environmental policies that threaten the future of the human race, the bankers creating an artificially inflated economy for the benefit of speculators and the detriment of everyone else, and the people who use religion as a reason to inspire hatred, violence or war." Hard to argue with that and indeed there's much there that can serve as raw material for a poster.

As in previous years, participants are invited to download the brief and submit a poster. When the competition ends, the 100 best jury-selected submissions will be shown in a series of exhibitions in cities worldwide. Ten designers will also have their winning entries be made part of prestigious collections in design museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Paris-based Les Arts Décoratifs. A book will also be published about the exhibition, with participants receiving a free copy. Entries can be submitted until July 10, 2016, with more information available on the Poster for Tomorrow site. There is no charge for entry.

Allahyari Dariush, Iran

Chan Eva, Belgium

Chau Baron, Australia

Chuquin Leslie, Ecuador

Hemmat elham, Iran

Iyer Janani, India

Khairina Dhiya, South Korea

Martinez Martin, Canada

Ozis Selcuk, Turkey

ZHANG Baowen, China