Call for Entries: Pentawards Concept Competition

The Pentawards has as its mission the global promotion of packaging design. According to Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards co-founder, "Packaging design is a very demanding and difficult discipline, as it is subject to the laws of a market more and more focused on cost reduction and short-term profitability. Packaging designers must often do a lot with a little. The goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury."

In 2012 a new version of Pentawards was launched, which dispensed with the need to supply actual packaging. The idea was to provide worldwide visibility for new ideas, creative projects and inventions that were still in the concept stage. The organizers stated regarding entries that, "It does not matter if they are not feasible because of the current state of technology – sooner or later they will be. The important thing is to think about the future." Which leaves the door open to just about any conceivable packaging concept, with entry possible for designers, design agencies, producers, brand owners and also students.

Entries will be judged by a panel of 13 industry experts, with prizes awarded based on Creativity, Innovation, Branding and quality of Execution. Prizes include Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies, as well exposure on the Pentawards site and inclusion in The Package Design Book #3, to be published by TASCHEN. Entries can be submitted from February 3 to 21, 2014, with more information available on the Pentawards site. The images above and below are of the Gold winners from 2013.