Call for Entries: A' Design Award & Competition

The A' Design Award & Competition, which is billed as "the worlds' largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts, products and services," is now in its fifth year and is somewhat unusual in that it encompasses a wide range of design disciplines. Entries can be submitted in a rather mind-boggling array of 104 categories, including everything from Furniture Design, Interiors, Electronic Devices, Architecture, Jewelry Design, Transportation and even Yacht Design. Closer to home are the Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Packaging Design, Identity and Branding, Advertising Design, Promotional Marketing and Web Design categories.

The competition also employs a unique three-part process. The first phase is free, with participants receiving "an overall indicative score" for their entries. This assessment is provided by a global panel of academics, press members, designers and industry experts and is designed to provide guidance on whether to proceed to the second stage, which requires a registration fee. The final phase relates to the promotion of the winning entries. What's described as the "award winner's kit" consists of an award trophy (shown above), the annual yearbook, a framed certificate, a gala-night invitation for two people to the award ceremony, and an impressive range of promotional goodies to help get the word out and capitalize on the win.

Registration and more information, along with a gallery of past winners, is available on the A' Design Award & Competition site, with the deadline for entry being February 28, 2015. Some past winners are shown below.

SAKÀ Visual Identity by PRIM PRIM Studio

Origin-Tree+You,Water+You,Earth+You Public Poster by Sha Feng

ArchiTypo-524A Corporate Identity by ZHOU Wenjun

Wuzhonghao Graphic Design Category by Wu Zhonghao

Jae Murphy Photography Corporate Identity by Luka Balic

Samadara Ginige Personal Identity Logo by Samadara Ginige

Balta Conceptual font by Migle Vasiliauskaite