The 2016 A' Design Award & Competition: Call for Entries

The A' Design Award & Competition, which is billed as "the worlds' largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts, products and services," is now in its seventh year and is somewhat unusual in that it encompasses a wide range of design disciplines. Entries can be submitted in a rather mind-boggling array of 100 categories, including everything from Furniture Design, Interiors, Electronic Devices, Architecture, Jewelry Design, Transportation and even Yacht Design. Closer to home are the Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Packaging Design, Identity and Branding, Advertising Design, Promotional Marketing and Web Design categories. Accordingly, the 2016 competition registered no less than 1276 winners from 93 countries, with Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron A’ Design Awards distributed in all design disciplines.

The competition also employs a unique three-part process. The first phase is free, with participants receiving "an overall indicative score" for their entries. This assessment is provided by a global panel of academics, press members, designers and industry experts and is designed to provide guidance on whether to proceed to the second stage, which requires a registration fee. The final phase relates to the promotion of the winning entries. What's described as the "award winner's kit" consists of an award trophy (shown above), the annual yearbook, a framed certificate, a gala-night invitation to the award ceremony, and an impressive range of promotional goodies to help get the word out and capitalize on the win.

Entry submission and more information, along with a gallery of past winners, is available on the A' Design Award & Competition. Some 2016 winners from the Packaging Design category are shown below.

The Fruits Toilet Paper Packaging by Kazuaki Kawahara
Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation. The Fruits Toilet Paper has been designed to wow customers with its cute style, perfect for such occasions.

Le Tour De Monde Series of European wines by Valerii Sumilov
The base for this concept is the air balloon travel plot from the popular adventure novel Around the World in 80 Days by French author Jules Verne.

Peckish Bird Food Packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants
When the pack is empty and all the bird seed used up, you can punch through the feeder hole to create a bird house. The size of the hole and the type of seed is matched to a specific species of bird.

Swaggering Sheep cotton swab package by Paian Huang
A school project to explore a different way to make a cotton swab package. The year 2015 is the year of Sheep in Chinese, so I used the figure of a sheep to design the form

Essence Mask Packaging by Koren Chi Kei Sin
The use of pastel colours helps in giving the product a feminine, soft and attractive identity.

Potiss Paper Tissue Box Paper Tissue Box by Tasarist / Musa Çelik.
Seeds were added to papier-mache of the cover. Thus, the box can be buried in the ground and trees can be grown.
Svalbardi Polar iceberg water by Studio h
Bottle, brand and packaging design for Svalbardi polar iceberg water. Svalbardi is harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in the remote polar region of the Svalbard archipelago before they melt away and are lost forever.
Got One!! Wild Mullet Catch Food Packaging by Ching Wei Liu
When the consumer removes the fish box from the net and opens the package to obtain the mullet roe, it is akin to personally experiencing the joy of capturing a mullet fish and ripping into the belly to remove the mullet roe.