The Best Brand Awards 2016: Call for Entries

While there is no shortage of design competitions that showcase the work of the most well known designers and agencies, rarer are those that have an emphasis on encouraging submissions from small studios and independents. And yet recognition, in the form of an award, can be even more significant for them, as a validation of their work and a stepping stone to greater success. One of the organizers of the annual Best Brand Awards, Argentina Oliva, emphasized this recently in communication with, so we thought we'd check out the competition, which we hadn't heard of.

Apparently the BBA began four years ago and in its 2015 round attracted entries from designers in more than 71 countries. The jury reflected that, with participants from South Africa, Hong Kong, the US, the Philippines, the UK, Argentina and Brazil. Entries are open to professionals involved in brand design, prizes awarded to those in six geographical divisions, ensuring there is no dominance by a particular region. As well as receiving a Best Brand prize for a region, there are also global prizes for best single and multiple entry. Entries are being accepted for the 2016 competition, with more information available on the Best Brand site. If you haven't entered a logo design competition before, this might be the place to start. Below are some of the winners from the most recent round, with galleries of past winners available on the site.

Best of Europe & Russia/Best Global Brand | Name: Travolta | Fish Tavern | Agency: Chris Trivizas | Client: Travolta
The symbol of the fish tavern logo was inspired by the lantern used by fishing boats to attract fish. The design of the symbol was based on this lantern, combined with the geometric shape of a fish.

Best of Oceania | Name: Monarch | Agency: Loa Branding | Client: Monarch
Trademark for an offsite building manufacturer who uses proprietary technology to build outside the box. The symbol suggests solidity, a letter M, and the butterfly for which they are named.

Best of North America & Canada | Name: Optiv Identity | Agency: Lippincott | Client: Optiv
An upward color shift activates the mark. The two half circles combine to form the letter O. They signify Optiv's ability to deliver perfectly resolved solutions in the boundless cyber security space.

Best of Central America & South America | Name: Pactos | Agency: commgroup branding | Client: Pactos Coaching & Mediation
Coaching for life, it's a simple concept. As knowledge expanding in the nerve ending, the logo symbol means exactly when this experience has been shared for human development.

Best of Asia | Name: Pinchajii Tea House | Agency: YDC Inc. | Client: Pinchajii Inc.
We utilize the "品 Pin" word from Pinchajii to combine with the Chinese lattice design and integrate the English standard word "Pinchajii" into the shape of the Ming Chinese character.

Best of Africa | Name: The Sirwa | Agency: Brand2D | Client: Auric Capital
The Sirwa is a luxury residential development in Naivasha, Kenya. The logo is a piece of beautiful African art, which translates the name Sirwa - beautiful.