Autosaviour Pro Launched for Automating Adobe Illustrator Backups

While hundreds of plugins are available for Photoshop, those for Illustrator are much less common and are typically designed for particular tasks, such as creating bar codes, managing dynamic content or generating patterns. In contrast, Astute Graphics has made a name for itself with its Phantasm CS plugin, which improves on Illustrator's basic color adjustment capabilities and works with gradients, meshes, tweens, bitmaps, Live Trace and Live Paint, with all color adjustments available as Filters and Live Effects.

The firm's VectorScribe plugin also seeks to enhance the core functionality of Illustrator but this time in the area of creating and editing the actual vector outlines of an illustration. Astute has also released DrawScribe Designer, which includes the InkScribe and Dynamic Sketch vector artwork creation tools, for saving time during the initial drawing process, and SubScribe Designer, which makes it possible to perform such tasks as defining circles and arcs with two or three points.

Forgetting to regularly save artwork, or a dreaded system failure, can leave designers screaming from the rooftops. Astute Graphics felt their pain and earlier released Autosaviour, a free plugin for Adobe Illustrator that automatically saves work at regular intervals, providing that oh-so-desirable warm fuzzy feeling of peace of mind. The plugin provides such functionality as the creation of a backup file of the previous save state; reminder notices instead of saving; waiting for a pause in workflow to keep things fluid; and default behavior for new documents.

Autosaviour Pro adds a panel, which displays the current document’s time since the last save, the time until the next save (if enabled) and the status. The plugin can also back up to a user-selectable folder (handy when working in a network environment) and can maintain up to 999 older versions, to ensure further safeguards from file corruption. New functionality also includes annotations during saves and backups, to provide confirmation of the save process taking place; backups treated as independent from autosaves, making it possible to have backups enabled, even if autosaving/reminding is disabled; and the ability to autosave any open document, not just the current one.

Autosaviour Pro for Mac and Windows Illustrator CS5-CC is available for purchase on the Astute Graphics site for $22. A free trial version is also available for download.