Astrology and the Zodiac: Vector Symbols

Design Inspiration: Astrology and the Zodiac

Overview of Astrology and the Zodiac
Zodiac Symbols: Illustration

The twelve symbols lend themselves to depiction in vector format. If your plan is to purchase them as a stock image, be prepared to wade through a ton of cheesy imagery — it's like the 70s never ended. Your best bet may well be to create your own set and why not, it will look great in your portfolio. Below are some who have gone before you.

Upper image source: Maholy A. interprets the zodiac as geometric symbols.

A series by Del Hambre for the El Pais newspaper.

Kristen Bouvier created a logo for the Leoa Cellars winery, inspired by Leo Augustine, the owners' grandfather, who started the family farm, as well as by the combination of the two partners astrological signs: Leo and Aries.
Kprecia Ambers designed a series of cards based on the zodiac symbols.

From Alberto Vacca Lepri's series of signs of the zodiac.

Helen Shewolfe Tseng created zodiac symbols with a food theme.

Looking for fonts containing astrology symbols? The FontSpace site provides several for free download.

The Dafont site also provides a collection of astrological symbol fonts for free use.

Gosia Herba created a series of 12 zodiac-based designs that were used for the creation of hand-crafted pocket squares by a Polish manufacturer.

Juanco brings a geometric approach to this series on the zodiac symbols.

Gigi Mostafa is creating a series using an arabesque illustration style.

The silk-screen printed Astrozodiac Calendar from Corn Studios.

Zodiac symbols can be incoporated into logos, as in the case here of Sagittarius being employed for a consulting company logo, designed by Olle.

Narek Gyulumyan employs a style reminiscent of adult coloring books for his zodiac series.

Angelgirl Maybe opts for a simple, stylize approach to the Chinese zodiac characters.

Chad Butts takes a stylized approach to his series of zodiac characters.