The Art Deco Poster

The Art Deco Poster
By William W. Crouse
(Thames & Hudson), £35

From the publisher: "This cavalcade of international poster design features rare and even unique examples by masters of the art form, including Nizzoli, Cassandre and Beall. Each poster – carefully re-photographed – is accompanied by an extended caption that discusses the aesthetic, social, economic, or political context of the image.

"Posters are by their very nature ephemeral: on a billboard or tacked to a news stand, they last only a few weeks but are now highly prized by collectors.

"Introduced by Art Deco specialist Alastair Duncan, The Art Deco Poster is an essential book for all interested in graphic design, Art Deco, and life and culture in the Jazz Age."

Budapest Grand Prix, 1936, Karoly Gerster (1859-1940), Klösy, Budapest

Modiano, ca. 1932, Róbert Berény (1887 – 19530, Althenaeum, Budapest

Italian Aerial Lines, ca. 1935, Umberto di Lazzaro, Grafiche I.G.A.P (Impresa Generale Affissioni e Pubblicità), Roma and Milano.

Delahaye, 1932, Roger Pérot (1908-1976), Les Ateliers A.B.C., Paris

Gold Starry, 1930, Theodoro (Theodore Pfeifer, 1896 – 1973), Imprimerie Kaplan, Paris

The New 20th Century Limited, 1938, Leslie Ragan (1897 – 1972), Latham Litho and Printing Company, Long Island City

Cora, 1930, Kraüss, Gros-Monti & C., Torino

All images © William W. Crouse, 2013


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