Android Version of SimplyMpress Available for Free Vintage Type Design Creation

Eearlier this year mpressInteractive released its LetterMpress app for iPad and OS X, as a means of realistically replicating the process of creating classic letterpress type treatments. The developer then followed that up with SimplyMpress, which was designed to not only simplify the process of creating simulated letterpress-based compositions but expands that into an open-ended design environment, without the restrictions of LetterMpress.

The free mobile version included five OpenType vector fonts based on the wood type collection in LetterMpress, with additional fonts available as an in-app purchase. The ability to apply random impression textures to type and images was helpful for creating a realistic vintage letterpress look, along with 30 paper patterns that provide a transparent background for moving designs into other applications. Support was provided for five popular page sizes, with more page sizes and output of up to 288 pixels per inch available as additional in-app purchases (four bucks gets you everything). The free version remains available for iPod, iPhone and iPad, with the Mac version priced at $6.99.

Now there is an Android version, which the developer tells us is "virtually identical" to the iOS version and available through the Amazon Appstore. While the download is free, users can expand their font selection from the five included with an additional 23 and increase output resolution with in-app purchases.