AKVIS Neon Adobe Photoshop Plugin Updated for Creating Glow Effects

It's not every day that you want your photos to literally glow but when that day comes, you might find that AKVIS Neon, an Adobe Photoshop plugin that's also available as a standalone program, can get the job done.

As with all AKVIS products, you can simply bring in an image and toss a preset at it. Or you can tweak parameters from scratch to get just the look you want. Central to Neon is its creation of glowing lines, which can be controlled with such parameters as Detail, Glow Intensity, Image Blur, Darken, Inversion, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Colorize. Once effects are generated, they can be further modified with the Smudge and History Brush tools. A range of background textures, such as canvas and sanded paper, can also be added, as well as user-created textures.

New in version 2 is an improved Glow effect, which adds Sharpen Detail and Extra Sharpen Detail parameters, as well as new Hue and Hatching settings groups available in the Adjustment tab. In addition, a new Decoration section offers the Canvas, Text and Frame effects, the latter of which includes Classic, Pattern, Strokes, Vignette and Passe-Partout. Also worth noting is an enhanced collection of effect presets; the addition of Lighten and Darken post-processing tools; an improved crop tool; a larger Quick Preview area; and support for 4K- and 5K-resolution screens.

AKVIS Neon for Mac and Windows Photoshop CS through CC 2015 and compatible applications can be purchased for $39 through $72 on the AKVIS site, depending on the choice of Home, Home Deluxe or Business edition. A free trial is also available for download.