40 Posters Celebrating Paris

You'd think France, with its rich history of art and design, would be one of the last countries that would feel the need to launch a government-funded celebration of graphic design. But that's exactly what lay behind the recent Fête du Graphisme. According to the organizers, "In contrast to several of our European neighbors, for which graphic design is a discipline much like other domains of design, photography or architecture, France has a complex relationship with graphic design and graphic designers."

What that "complex relationship" might be isn't clear but there isn't any downside to an initiative that involves top French and international designers, and tries to bring their work to the attention of a broader audience. Of course, that broader audience is in this case, as it is so often in France, that of Paris. Those of us living elsewhere in France apparently don't need to be proselytized. So I wasn't able to check out this initiative, which saw the streets of Paris invaded by 40 posters celebrating... Paris. Created by a bevy of international and French designers, there are more Eiffel Towers than might have been hoped for. But the collection is nevertheless broad in scope and energetic. We'll always have Paris!