Working with Layers in Photoshop 7: Part 5

By Gary David Bouton

Dateline: November 10, 2003
Volume 1, Number 10
Part Two of this series, is what the author used to discern which mode to use and is a handy reference.

  • Press Ctrl(Cmd)+S; keep the file open. Th-th-that's all for this month! Next month, I end this series with a grand finale. Besides, you've had almost enough of beginner's tricks and I need to take a nap. You will use a secret trick in Photoshop for perfectly aligning an imported layer and then get your hands on the Levels command.

    My Best,
    Gary David Bouton

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    Gary David Bouton is an author and artist who is largely responsible for the book "Inside Adobe Photoshop 7" and wouldn't mind at all if you bought a copy . Gary hosts a thread on the Photoshop Gurus site and is the moderator of a 3D modeling forum. His guide to Caligari's free trueSpace 3D app is available online. Besides being an educator/artist/all-around-nice-guy, Gary still marvels that only in America do we have labels on strollers to tell people to remove the child before folding up the stroller.