Photoshop Fundamentals: Creating A Glow Effect

Dateline: September 25, 2006
Version: Photoshop CS2

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Download the eagle.psd file, launch Photoshop and open the file. Press F7 to show the Layers palette. Select Layer 1. Using the Eyedropper tool (I), click the background. Press Option + Shift + Delete to fill the fiery heart icon with the background color.
Click the Add Layer Style button and select Stroke from the drop-down menu. In the resulting Stroke dialog box, use the options shown and click the Gradient Swatch. In the resulting Gradient Editor dialog box, click under the Gradient Bar at the 25%, 50% and 75% locations to create new sliders. Double-click each slider, enter the CMYK values as shown and click OK.
Click Outer Glow under Styles on the left side of the palette. In the resulting Outer Glow dialog box, use the options shown and click the Color Swatch. In the resulting Color Picker dialog box, enter C:50; M:35; Y:0; K:0, and click OK. Click OK again to exit the Layer Style dialog box.
The final image is shown at left.

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