Photoshop Fundamentals: Color One Image With Another

Dateline: December 22, 2006
Version: Photoshop CS2

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To create a unified look, you can use Match Color to coordinate colors between a series of images for a single project. For this simple technique you can use your own images or download the ones we use here. Launch Photoshop and open what will be your Destination image. You can download the 001t1006ll.tif image shown at left.
Now open your Source image. We used the 002t1006ll.tif image shown at left. Now return to the Destination image, 001t1006ll.tif.
Choose Image > Adjustments > Match Color. In the resulting Match Color dialog box select your Source image, 002t1006ll.tif, from the Source drop-down menu, use the other options as shown and click OK.
Our final effect is shown at left.